Back Alley Battles and Butterfly Swords - Part 2

Having begun his kung fu journey in an era where challenge matches between fighters from different martial arts were commonplace in Hong Kong, Sigung (Grandmaster) Wan Kam Leung has taken his fair share of lessons at the School of Hard Knocks. A protégé of Wing Chun grandmaster Wong Shun Leung — himself a student of the world-famous Yip Man — Sigung Wan today teaches his own brand of the style, under the unassuming name of Practical Wing Chun. During a recent visit to Canberra to run seminars for Australian chief instructor Sifu Danny Hajdukovic, Sigung Wan chatted to Blitz about his storied life in kung fu and the principles of his combat system.

Blitz Magazine
Story by Ben Stone.

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